Jonathan Fleming

Executive Director

Jonathan graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has lived in Santa Clara County since 2001. He is a parent, engineer, local businessman, and has a substantial background in community service including his City Council campaign for San Jose. A highly experienced community leader, consultant, neighbor, parent and husband.

Over ten years ago, Jonathan became disabled when he was struck by a drunk driver, and he was told that he would never walk again without a wheelchair or a walker.

Jonathan defied the odds and found a new purpose in life as he continues to overcome his disability. His rehabilitation has included 27 surgeries and procedures, daily physical therapy, and more. After regaining the ability to walk, he created his own company, was elected Vice Chair of the San José Neighborhoods Commission, and has been a member of other boards including United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County and the California High Speed Rail Working Group. Jonathan never gives up and creates opportunities for success.

He has a strong track record of success in building enterprise value through improved product engineering, business process improvement, and strong sales. Distinctive history of being an effective change agent and achieving outstanding results in complex and demanding environments. Substantial experience in technology, public government, and professional services.

Jonathan Fleming